Potential Warning in Google Chrome for Certificates Issued Before 1 June 2016.


In March 2018, Google Chrome version 66 beta will display a warning message for sites secured with SSL or TLS certificates issued before June 1, 2016, by Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte or RapidSSL.

It is because Google submitted a proposal after investigating the potential mis-issuing of certain certificates. So Google Chrome browser will gradually begin mistrusting SSL certificates issued before June 1, 2016 by Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL.

However, your security is not at risk, and your data encryption will function normally, but your site visitors will be disrupted by a warning in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has also stated that all Symantec certificates must be issued from a new infrastructure as of December 1, 2017, and SSL/TLS certificates that had been previously issued from Symantec’s current infrastructure will not be trusted starting on or around September 13, 2018 (Chrome 70 Beta).

What do I need to do?

To prevent a warning from appearing in Google Chrome for SSL certificates issued before June 1, 2016, by Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte or RapidSSL:

Please follow this guide to re-issue your SSL Certificate (free of charge) on your RVssl account

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