A New Update of RVskin Is Now Available

More Than Just the Modern Theme for cPanel


New Look. New Cool Features.

RVskin Is Now More Capable Than Ever.


A major update of RVskin, the best cPanel theme and powerful tool for admins, is available to update. This update makes RVskin better than before with new useful features.


New RVadmintools

The intuitive tool for admins that makes it easier and faster for you to manage a control panel. Compatible with both cPanel Theme and RVskin Theme. RVadmintools’ features including: disabling and hiding some functions that you or your users don’t use, set the cron job limit, see the cPanel error log in real-time, etc.


Free RVlogin Add-on

The single sign-on tool which lets you log into all of your servers faster. With built-in two-factor authentication, an extra layer of security, it will ensure that you’re the only person that can access to your server.


Improvement in RVskin Theme and RVskin Manager

RVskin theme is redesigned in this version to be more modern and nice-looking. RVskin Manager is more useful and easier to use.


Find out more about RVskin features.


For hosting providers, please update RVskin to the latest version by following this link.



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